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¨ Aircraft Rental - Choose from several classic aircraft offering either sticks or yokes and tandem or side-by-side seating.

¨ Tailwheel Instruction - Our specialty!
Our proven curriculm will give you the confidence and skills to comfortably handle a conventional gear aircraft.

¨ Primary (Private Pilot) Instruction - Available in either conventional or tricycle gear aircraft.

      ¨ Flight Reviews - Conducted with a stick & rudder focus.

     ¨ Light Sport Instruction - We use classic LSA qualified aircraft.

¨ Introductory flights – Experience taking the controls on your first lesson! We also offer certificates to make it easy for you to share the gift of flight.

¨ Drone Training - Learn to safely operate your drone or prepare for the FAA part 107 test.

       ¨ Aerial imaging using either drones or manned aircraft

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