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About Us

Andy Estes is a Certified Flight Instructor specializing in tailwheel training for pilots and CFIs. He is the owner of Desert Rat Aviation, and is an expert on restoring classic and antique aircraft. During his career Andy has developed both a passion and talent for sharing his love of classic aviation with others. His love of vintage aircraft and the type of flying that was common during the "Golden Age" of aviation led him to imagine a new "old style" flying club. One where there would be a focus on flying just for the fun of it and sharing in the experience of old fashioned "stick and rudder" piloting. A grassroots club where aviation was more affordable and accessable to everyone. Andy also wanted to recreate the sense of community and comaraderie where anyone with a love of aircraft and aviation could come together to share their experiences and expertise. Some years back Andy shared his vision with Kevin Gallagher, a fellow classic aircraft enthusiast. Along with a group of dedicated and talented instructors, Andy and Kevin started Desert Aero Club, and are hoping to share their love of classic aviation with you.

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