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              Welcome to Desert Aero Club!
             Specializing in classic aircraft rental & instruction

Experience “Old School” aviation With Desert Aero Club!

In this era of glass cockpits, satellite weather and tablet computers, we offer pilots and aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the flying of yesteryear. We take you back to when “seat of the pants” flying was the norm and maneuvering your aircraft through the sky was more of a visceral experience and less of an exercise in data management.

We feature flight instruction with experienced, professional instructors that have a passion for imparting aviation knowledge and skill. They love what they do, and believe that sound stick and rudder skills are an important part of being a safe and confident pilot.

In addition to the feelings of accomplishment and just plain fun that we experience flying classic aircraft, we also strive to re-create the sense of camaraderie and community shared by aviators of the past. Whether it’s getting together for an educational event, barbecue, or just a cup of coffee to swap stories, Desert Aero Club is a place where you will find many others who share a common love of aviation.

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